Welcome to the World of Chemistry
Vatsala's Burette & Pipette
Let's explore the Colours of chemistry together


  • Chemistry Tutorial with exposure to practicals as means of building strong fundamentals of chemistry

  • Use of 3D models to enhance the chemistry theoretical concepts with scientific enquiry as backbone to program

  • Focus on memory and retrieval technique of chemical reactions based on seven facets of science teaching

  • Guidance and mentoring for practicals and projects

  • Regular assignments, Periodic tests, Worksheets to supplement the concepts and no room for rote learning

Vatsala’s Burette & Pipette (OPC) Pvt Ltd


Vatsala’s Burette & Pipette aims to create new experience in education that fulfills the quest of learning in our students.


Vatsala’s Burette & Pipette will achieve the vision by inculcating the scientific temper and nurturing it by means of learning through visual, experiment based teaching the complex concept in simple and easy way