What works best in science teaching

By Dr Vatsala inputs from Dr John Stranger Holman

Seven main facets are the key on which idea of transfer of knowledge from teacher to students is built upon.

Each individual whatever the age may be has conceptions, right or wrong about the given scenario or topic due to exposure to it in various forms. This makes the basis for preconception and also a platform for an educator to build upon this the fundamentals of science   

Pupil should be encouraged to learn each concept by what, why and how method .it enriches and broadens their perspective of understanding science

Models are an integral part of teaching as many concepts in chemistry like tetrahedral structure, stereoisomerism -geometrical isomers, solid state crystalline structure can be explained well

Any information which is explained periodically and frequently, brain takes it as important information and stores it as long-term memory which makes the confusion less during the time of exam

Practical work can be used to support the theoretical concepts and to understand the deeper fundamentals and to develop soft skills etc

During the process of imparting the education scientific terminologies should be used repeatedly