Learning science is fun and it opens up your mind for logical thinking and creativity and viewing the world from the lens of practicality. My journey of learning sciencesstarted with Dayalbagh where focus was put, not only on theory but systematic and organised working and exposure to chemistry practicals. It became driving factor for me to teach students the concepts of chemistry blending with the practicals. Fifteen plus years of teaching at various institutes became foundation for me to take new initiative of teaching chemistry to students along with complete focus on the nuisances of chem lab. I welcome all of learners to join the world of colourful chemistry.


Dr. Vatsala Dwivedi

With over a decade of teaching experience in schools with various boards (CBSE, ISC, ICSE, IGCSE, AS level, A level, PU practical) I realized the challenges faced by students to get the concepts of chemistry in a very straight forward manner. For this reason, I decided to challenge myself to create a completely different for students to fortify the theory / practical concepts at budding years Adding some accolades received during my journey of learning chemistry

Publications in international journals of chemistry (Germany)
M. Pancholi award winner (CSIR-UGC, NPL) for best presentation on Ultrasonics at VIT
National Scholarship during 1989-91


Dr. Shambhavi Mishra

Shambhavi is an honorary member of the Vatsala’s Burette N Pipette. After earning her M. Tech. degree in Biological Sciences and Bioengineering from IIT Kanpur Shambhavi received a Ph.D. in protein chemistry from the University of Wuerzburg, Germany. Shambhavi worked as a postdoctoral scholar in University of California Davis and has experience in molecular biology and protein chemistry. She is part of the content development team/ Shambhavi contributes to content development.